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Hypnosis for increased Confidence and self esteem
While some people dream of love, some of wealth, others dream of different things perhaps, more simple. Some people dream of
going through an entire day feeling confident and self-assured.
However, few manage to make that dream a reality.
The idea that we are not good enough is often implanted when we are children. The child's growing awareness draws the conclusion
(quite rightly) that they will only be approved of if they're quiet,
stay out of the way, and don't cause trouble. Under these
circumstances children learn to be afraid to explore, manage
small risks, or discover their own solutions to any challenges.
This kind of development can lead you to chronic low-self-esteem. You may feel insecure because you aren't quite sure what 'normal' is. Do you feel inherently uncomfortable with yourself as well as with others? Symptoms of low self-esteem have predictable consequences.
There are patterns of behavior generated by low self-esteem.
Low self-esteem is progressive and can be a terminal if not addressed.
Too often simple low self-esteem contributes to death through suicide,
accident, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorder, heart disease,
cancer or stroke.
Hypnosis is indispensablein building your confidence so you
can be calm and relaxed. You can free yourself from the confines
of chronic low self-esteem and obtain have the tools you'll need
to reach for your dreams and grasp them. You can finally become self-confident and assured.
Using hypnosis to gain self-confidence and increase self-esteem, is a
powerful tool to achieve your highest goals. 
Perhaps you have difficulty feeling confident on a date, feel insecure
about your job performance, you think you are powerless to speak
up or that you aren't respected, don't think you are interesting to
other people are afraid to ask for a raise or a myriad of other things
you don't feel confident doing.  At Abraxas Hypnosis Center using hypnosis to increase self-confidence and self-esteem is, in many peoples experience, the quickest and easiest way to regain control over your life.
Call Now and Take back your life!
Nicholas Fittante, MA, MFT, DCHt.
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Recent research suggests that anywhere from two-thirds to 90 percent of illness is stress-related. Stress affects the mind, body, and behavior in many ways.
The specific signs and symptoms of stress vary from person to person, but all have the potential to harm your health, emotional well-being, and relationships with others.
Stress is an inevitable part of life and a certain amount of it is not only normal and natural, but actually essential. All organisms must respond and react to their environment in order to grow and adapt. Stress can be a signal to take action and can mobilize resources we need in the short term to produce an adequate response.
 The problem many people face in modern life is being continually over-stressed to the point where it can have damaging effects. While we cannot necessarily eliminate the stressors (causes of stress), we can certainly manage the way in which we react to them. In fact, stress can be divided into two types: distress (negative) and eustress (positive). While the mind and body need rest from both types of stress some of the time, eustress is a constructive type of stress while distress results when we get stuck in negative patterns leading to anxiety and/or depression. Often, the primary distinguishing characteristic between these two types is the way we perceive it.
Stress perceived as temporary and fleeting while leading to a positive outcome may often be characterized as eustress while chronic, unrelenting stress which seems to have no upside is of course distressful.
In addition to the external stressors that all of us must cope with, many people compound their own stress by reacting negatively to the stress with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and thus create negative feedback loops which lead to even more stress: negative feelings and thoughts and destructive behaviors lead to more bad thoughts and feelings and more negative outcomes which feeds even more stress back into the system.
Fortunately, hypnosis can be very helpful in dealing with stress as it can be used to promote deep relaxation which is an antidote to stress and achieve states of deep relaxation in a short amount of time, giving yourself a mini-vacation or “time out” frequently to give your mind and body a break from stress and to replenish your reserves.
Also, hypnotherapy is very useful for reframing our responses to stress and moving more of our experiences away from distress and towards eustress as well as assisting in interrupting negative feedback loops so that what stress we do inevitably have to manage is not compounded, but only experienced in the moment and then released.
Below is a partial list of stress signs and symptoms that a person undergoing stress might experience.
Physical signs of Stress:
High Blood Pressure
Low Self-Esteem
Weight Loss/Gain
Lack of Confidence
Sexual Problems
Memory Problems
Negative Attitude
Can’t sleep
Poor Judgement
Money Issues
...and much more!
If you suffer any of the above maybe you suffer from Stress!
With hypnosis you condition yourself so that stressful situations just don’t bother you. You will feel relaxed and peaceful, and these calm relaxed feelings will stay with you all day. You’ll get more done with energy and vitality, feeling better than you have felt for a long time!
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