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“At Abraxas Hypnosis Center we assist clients to find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues. Blending the foundations of conventional and alternative approaches, we draw upon a variety of clinical styles which will be most helpful to each client to assist them in building the strength to identify and achieve their goals”.
Whether your difficulties are physical, emotional or mental, hypnotherapy is an effective tool to help you overcome your problems. Hypnotherapy can be amazingly effective for major changes in an individual’s life pattern. Whether you want a more exciting life, a better career or more confidence...whether your goal is to achieve success, attract the right partner, self-improvement, or if you experience a lack of confidence, Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your obstacles and help you live happier and achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for promoting healing, growth, and transformation. It works by activating a creative state of mind and body where new learning can occur effectively. Once awakened this creative space can help provide you with the knowledge and energy you need to succeed in life, helping to building new beliefs and to focus action on positive outcomes.Through regular hypnotherapy sessions you will find a richer life unfolding naturally, with deeper friendships, faster healing, increased income, improved concentration and learning, enhanced sports performance, whatever you seek. You can begin making progress, feeling more in control of your life, feeling empowered to move toward your goals more confidently and more powerfully.Thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences determine choices.       
The beliefs we hold about self, others, and the world influence every single experience we have. If we believe we are not smart enough or that we are unattractive, that the world is not safe, or that we are not loved by other people, then our life becomes very limited, very constricted. On the other hand, if we believe that we are worthy, that the world is good, and that we are loved by others, then our life expands. These limiting beliefs and their influence can overshadow an entire life journey. Over time the problems can actually worsen as life circumstances reinforce and strengthen limiting beliefs.The best strategy, however, is not to wait passively for things to change, but rather to consciously work on removing limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering new ones. We all possess the potential for an incredible life journey. When you learn to work more intentionally with beliefs then we can turn the key to achieving the greatest life possible. When we change the perception of our beliefs, those transformed beliefs can begin to heal us. To succeed in the process of transforming and empowering new beliefs we need to strategically address those protective mechanisms.
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